Our Engagement Story

  The [Extra]Ordinary Engagement
Story of Agnes and Greg

 Sneak Peak:
"Our engagement was a little bit unusual. Not in the sense that we had some extraordinary or super romantic experience – quite the opposite - our engagement experience was very ordinary. Too ordinary. So ordinary that it made me upset. Or perhaps a better word to describe the way it made me feel initially is "disappointed." Why? Because my expectation had always been for our engagement to be super unique and extraordinary. I felt like I deserved that. Like I earned it. I felt like our love was so unique and so strong that we deserved a fancy or at least romantic engagement. We had been dating for close to five years at that time and we were very much in love with each other from the start…..and I just felt like I deserved a special engagement. Like Greg owed it to me. Like God owed it to me. In addition, I wanted to have a good story to tell. I wanted to brag about it to people. I wanted to show them that my engagement and my love is better than theirs. It was all about ME. ME, ME, ME. I was in the center of it all and Greg failed to cater to my expectations...to cater to the way I WANTED THINGS to be. 

Of course, soon after the engagement and now that I look at it from hindsight, I would not want that day to go any other way. It finally got through my thick head that this is what God had wanted for us and this is how it was meant to be and it was beautiful in its own way. It might not have been an outwardly unique or romantic experience (like I wanted it to be). No. God made it to be soooo much more than an outward experience. It was simple and ordinary, but so very spiritually enriching. More importantly, it taught me a lot about myself as well as about God and His Will and His Wisdom.

But let me explain how it all began…"   (Here is the rest)

Our aqua colored engagement session downtown Chicago
Perfect for our aqua themed wedding!

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